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RUU & fixer / Solitaire MOD (This page is translated by nekomane)
Type MOD by RUU & fixer
Weight 26g (Actual measurement incl battery. Normal Solitare weighs approx 24g)
2g (Actual weight of LED unit only)
Emitter LuxeonI -Lambertian [bin PYAH] x 1
Battery AAA x 1
Water resistance
Switch Loosen head to turn ON. Tighten to turn OFF.
Other Slight focusing possible

Left Solitare MOD , Right Arc-AAA

Left is a normal Solitare. Note that they look exactly the same.

LED unit weighing a mere 2g

Left Solitare MOD , Right Normal Solitare

Left SolitareMOD tail part

Right SolitareMOD tail part

Original condition. Output is adjustable by turning the circular switch.

Look closely to see the Bond SU applied in spots.

Dimage Z1 ISO200 taken at 640x480 and downsized 1/6 f2.8 contrast low focus ∞ White balance AUTO

January 12 2005

Note: A small number of these lights were made for a limited time around May 2004. They are not being made now. Though this has been a while back, it is my current EDC light, and because I like it a lot, wrote a review. Thanks for understanding.

This is a MOD based on a Solitare by collaboration between 'RUU' and 'fixer'.
I had been happily using an Arc-AAA (this manufacturer has gone out of business) as EDC(Every Day Carry) for a long time. It was bright enough to satisfy tasks like finding keyholes and illuminating a path, but every so often I would wish that it was a little brighter, mainly when using at a conference place and such after nighttime meetings for my job. After locking the place down and leaving with all of the staff together, this would leave us with no light from the room and without street lights or any moonlight, the way to the car park ended up completely dark. The Arc-AAA is not enough for shining the way for 5 - 10 people walking separately. I wanted a bit more brightness and throw, and was looking for a small Luxeon light as a replacement. Since I attach my house and office keys to the light and carry them in my pocket or bag, my needs were for a light as slim and lightweight as possible. The light is used frequently, so easily purchasable and replaceable batteries was also must. Considering these features, I could not find any light that would fulfil my wishes. That is when this Solitare MOD was announced. I remember being really happy that I found the ideal light.

So, I will write what I have found while using this light for over half an year.
First, regarding the LED unit at the heart of this light, I was amazed at how small a Luxeon and converter had been packaged. This is outstanding engineering. I use lights frequently but for only short periods of time, so have adjusted the brightness (in spite of it not being recommended) to the brightest level. Though it does not reach the rated output for a LuxeonI, it is clearly brighter than an Arc-AAA.
Care in handling the LED unit is required as the converter will be damaged if polarity of the battery is mistaken. Past experience tells me that I am quite likely to do this, and after considering many ways to prevent this, used a method of applying bond SU adhesive on 4 points around the LED unit contact area. Molding the adhesive was quite tricky and I had to re-do it several times, but it is still in place and working after over six months. This has prevented any damage occuring by inserting the battery the wrong way.
Also, due to problems of the Solitare itself, non use for a period of time or dirty threads will result in contact failure and the light not working properly. Regular maintainance is required.
To accomodate the length of the LED unit, the thread on the tail part is shorter than a stock Solitare. Probably due to this, after the thread started to wear after a lot of use, if not screwed on tightly, it easily falls off by the pressure of the spring which contacts the battery's minus end .

This MOD light is a favorite of mine with the slim figure and operation of the Solitare fitted with a Luxeon and converter which I wish to keep on using for a long time. I will just have to take good care of it since it is no longer made by the indivisual modders, and wish that in the near future a LED light as slim and bright as this Solitare MOD will become widely available.

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