ArcMania / R4H with Legend2AA (This page is translated by souyou)

重さ 電球 電源 防水 スイッチタイプ 使用可能時間 その他
(bin R4H) x 1
2AA Push tail switch
Legend2AA based MOD
(Switch lacks lock feature)
Using reflector
DC converter keeps constant output a long time.

E1+KL1, A2 , Mag2AA , R4H with Legend2AA

KL1  vs  R4H with Legend2AA

A2 , Scorpion , R4H with Legend2AA

2003 Apr 12th

This is a Legend2AA based MOD made by Arc-Mania.
It drives a Luxeon-Lambertian on just 2AA by using DC-DC converter.
The most impressive point is that the Luxeon has bin-code "R" which is the best so far.
The brightness is great. It would be exaggerated but I felt that it was comparable to
high output xeon bulb flashlights using 2 CR123A like Scorpion.
Considering that it is driven by 2AA, its brightness is amazing.
Also the tint is pure white as the bin-code is "4".

It uses reflector as MicroIlluminator.
The beam pattern is also similar to MicroIlluminator but the output is way brighter.
As the corona become very bright, it can illuminate wide area within middle distance.
Also the hotspot is brighter so this is one of the LED flashlights of the greatest throw I own.
(Whitin my collection, it is similar to tight-focused Cyclopse.)
As for the quality of the beam pattern, it seems to be a very good combination
the reflector of Legend1AAA or Legend2AA with a 1W Lambertian.

As for the original Legend, it is a disappointment that a lanyard is not included as MicroIlluminator.
I need it because I want to use this mod for a long.
Also the Legend is tend to cause flickering due to its switch mechanism but
the switch used in this mod doesn't have the lock feature.
As the improvement for the flickering problrem by the manufacturer, the switch of Legend
would be canged to this type, but the lock feature is convinient for preventing accidental turning on
it can be said to be a undesireble change on function.
I really want them to improve it remaining the lock feature.

I met a amazing and satisfctory flashlight after a long absence.
To my disappointment, it is not a mass product and even will not be sold as a MOD
because Luxeons have this bin-code are difficult to get so far.

The flashlight introduced here is a MOD which was modefied by a individual.
Keep it in mind that it basically don't have any warranty for troubles or defects.