ArcMania and Lambda / Micro Illuminator   (This page is translated by souyou)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
(bin Q4G) x 1
1 AAA Push the tail switch Clickie
Legend-1AAA mod.
Tailcap switch has lockout feature. using reflector.
Driven by DC-DC upvoltage converter. Regurated.

Arc-LE , TKH-21 , MicroIlluminator , Arc-Ls(rev1) , KL1+E1e

MicroIlluminator    Arc-LE

MicroIlluminator   KL1+E1e
Micro Illuminator Inova X5
Thanks to the refrector, MicroIlluminator has wider than X5 and even beam (not so bright though).

A thin ring. Wrapped by heat shrink tube so as not to cut the lanyard by its edge. Fits well.
But the outer diameter of the ring is slightly larger than that of Legend's body.
I attached a stretch lanyard found at a 100yen shop.

2003 May 24th

This is a small modefied flashlight made by Arc-Mania and Lambda.
It drives a High-dome Luxeon(lambretian) by only 1 AAA cell using DC-DC upvoltage converter.
As the Luxeon has bin code #Q4G, I'm satisfied with both brightness and color.

Unlike most Luxeon flashlights, this uses reflector instead of NX-05.
The beam pattern of NX-05 is gradually dimming from center to edgebut that of this mod is consist of 2 brightness levels, hotspot and corona.The hotspot is tight. the corona is not so bright but wide and even.
So the light of corona can't reach distance but illuminates near area very well. and it makes this mod useful.
(It is another reason that there is no such a bright part in the beam as to blind our eyes.besides the evenness of the beam.)
One of the reasons why the corona is wide is that the 1 AAA Legend hassmall and shallow reflector as it 's a small flashlight.
It depends on personal preferances which is better bigger hotspot or dim but even and wider corona.
I think it's right to use refletror.
However efficient Arc-mania's converter is and good Luxeon bin code is,
it's necessary to limit the current low to get a paractical runtime from a AAA cell.
So it is the fact that it is obviously dimmer than KL1 or LS1.
But it is better in near illumination than Arc AAA because of wide corona ,besides it has narrow but useful throw by using refletror .

As a small 1 AAA flashlight, I can't help comparing this mod to Arc AAA.
The beam is much better than Arc AAA but as for the ease of carry, it is slightly bulky
due to the length and the big head of the original flashlight.
It is slightly longer than a cigarette so it would be better to carry it in shirt pocket for easy taking out.
But I'm afraid that it tends to drop when I bent down.
Lanyard or clip is necessary to make the best use of it.
Arc-Mania seems to be concerned to the improvement of this.
He seems to be thinking about a carrying case.(I was proposed a ring to install between body and tailcap. See pics.)

This mod is originaly a pill which consist of converter and Luxeonand install it in a flashlight to use.
But mine is epoxied to improve the heat transfer.
It uses a Luxeon which has #Q4G bin code so it is bright but gets rather hot.
So I can't see the inside of pill.
Arc-mania's converter which drives a Luxeon by 1 AAA is wonderful and very efficient.
NiMH seems to provide shorter but flatter output than Alkline.
But the capacity of AAA cell is little so to get both good brightness and good runtime ,good bin code Luxeon is essential.
It seems to depend on QC of Luxeon if this mod is supplied steadily.

Note: This mod will be sold on Lambda's website but specification(Luxeon type, Optics, Runtime, etc.)might be changed. (The one I own is a prototype.)

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