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Vital Gear (VG) / F2 (This page is translated by nekomane)
Type Comercially available light from VG
Size Diameter approx 125mm.
Width: Bezel approx 32mm
Body approx 19-21mm
Weight 103g (Actual measurement incl. batteries and clip)
Light source Xenon bulb LM2 x 1 65lumens
Power source CR123A x 2
Water resistance
Switch Press lightly for intermittent use. Press further for continuous use.
Other Pyrex Convex lens,
Aerospace Grade Aluminum.
Type III -Hard Anodize Natural Finish (Gray).
Belt Clip (removable)
Batteries not included

Third from right, next to the lens is a rubber ring

The inner side of the lens is curved like the outer side. The lens does not have a thicker center as you will find in a magnifying glass, so I don't think it has a significant focusing effect.

From left, P-Bulb Exchange Unit by Katokichi-san, F2 standard LM2 bulb, Surefire P60 bulb

Jan 12 2005

This is a CR123A x 2 light manufactured in Taiwan.
With LEDs lights being all the rave, a new filament model does feel refreshing and is exciting.
As can be expected of VG with their lineup of Surefire compatible bodies (FB1,2,3), this L2 also seems to have Surefire in mind. A domed Pyrex lens, HAIII finish, and the overall color and design has a well composed feel to it.

Two features have especially impressed me after using this light. First, the weight. I was surprised at the lightness when I first took it out of the package. This is probably due to the grip being slim, and the thinness of the aluminum material. Also, at first glance the balance looks bad with an oversized head, but after actually loading the batteries, I found there was no awkward imbalance and the median center felt exactly in the right place. The beltclip (removable) is also small and does not spoil the slim and easy to handle profile.
Second, was the bulb unit. Some may find this shape familiar, the size and shape almost the same as the Surefire P60s. I tried the P60 and 61 on this light and was able to use them without problems. The brightness is equivalent to the P60 with a bright hotspot suitable for throw, and the beam pattern is clean with little unevenness. What especially delighted me was that I could use my favored tight spotted Katokichi-sans's P-Bulb Exchange Unit (LuxeonIII). I had been using this unit in a M2, but felt a lighter body would be easier to handle for my every day walks. The combination with the F2 is just right. Now I have a L4 sized, but farther throwing LED light. Either using the stock filament or replacing it with an available P60 series compatible LED unit works fine.

The switch, similar to the Arc4 barely has a click-stroke and though at first you might find the delicate difference between half press / full press confusing, you don't need much force when half pressing. You won't end up with a sore finger by frequently using the light for intermittent use.
The shape of the tail guard enables the use of candle mode (though unsteady), but on the other hand makes it difficult to press. Continuous clicking starts to hurt your finger where it rests against the edge of the notched grooves, especially for people like me with fat fingers.

Also, maybe this is just me, but I am used to the idea of changing batteries by removing the tail, and often mistakenly do this with lights you load from the head like the Surefire E2e
With the F2, removing either head or tail enables you to change batteries, so this may be convenient if you have similar habits like me (Just be careful not to drop the lamp assembly).

The product comes in an extremely cheap looking package, and when I opened the light to insert the batteries there were a lot of metal shavings leftover inside. To be honest this did not make me overly expectant with the light, so I was in for a happy surprise. Compact, lightweight, and the compatibility with the P60 series bulb is a huge benefit. Humble and nothing spectacular, but a decent and well made light.

■This light was contributed by Thunder Sports.

The length of the spring etc. and compatibility with different bulb assemblies may vary. Proceed at your own risk when trying non-genuine parts.

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