TOSHIBA LET@/@TKH-26 (This page is translated by souyou)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
85g Batteries included 6 white 5mm nichia LEDs 2 AA
water resistance Tail switch like Surefire's@(Much less reliable though) About 72 hours.
(Bright time is 36 hours.)
IC circuit inside.
Carrying case included.

Left is mini-mag AA

2002 November 21st

This flashlight uses only 2 AA cells but drives 6 LEDs by using IC circuit. Light is slightly blueish but brightness is satisfactory.
Hotspot is dimmer than INOVA X5 but beam is wider and good at near illumination. It applies a reflector to multiple LEDs so the beam is (especially around edge) uneven but It is not noticable in actual use.
Batteries are AA cells. They are easy to get and cheap.
Considering the price(around 3500yen), size and runtime, I can say that this is a well-balanced flashlight.

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