TOSHIBA LET / TKH-21  (This page is translated by souyou)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
20g battery included 1 white 5mm nichia 1 AAA
water resistance Tail switch like Surefire's (Much less reliable though)
About 40 hours
(Bright output is about 22 hours.)
IC circuit inluded.
Key ring included.

Arc-LE , TKH-21 , ULTRA-G , TKH-23

2002 November 21st

This is a small and lightweight LED flashlight. Most LED flashlights in this size use some button cells but TKH-21 uses only 1 AAA cell and drives LED by using upvoltage converter.
So it is cheaper to run and has better availability of batteries.
As a 1 AAA LED flashlight, I can't help comparing it to Arc products (Arc-AAA, LE).
As for the ease of carry, it is inferior to smaller Arc but brightness is comparable.
Also it is attractive that its price is as half as Arc's so far. (in Japan)

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