ARC / Arc-LE  (This page is translated by Graham)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
AAA battery ×1 3m Rotate the head to close it
5 hours in 'Sun' mode followed by
5 hours in 'Moon' mode
Supplied with splitring
Type III hard anodized Aluminum


2.5 and 3.0 - length of head section and internal coating is different.
3.0 is on the left

From the place distant about 30cm.

From the place distant about 130cm.

Arc-AAA Limited Edition. Differences between AAA version 3.0 and LE version 3.0 are、main body colour、LED brightness(AAA is 6400mcd、LE is 6800mcd)、beam width(LEis slightly wider).
Recommended.(Except、due to use of specially selectedgood LEDs、the LE is currently difficult to obtain. As of April 2002, stock produced in January is the last、with little stock left at dealers. The CPF(CandlePowerForum) Member edition uses the same rank LED as the LE, and has a blue main body, but were sold out quickly.)
There are also version of LE.
I have one 2.5 and 2 3.0s, but the 3.0 has a wider beam. Comparing the 2 3.0s, beam width is similar but beam colour is different. Within the same white colour LEDs, there is some colour variation (greenish, bluish) in tint. In this area it is up to personal taste, my feeling is that the bluish tint is brightet
The body is the same aircraft-type aluminium as used in the ARC-AAA, so it is very strong.

2002 May 30 Update
Currently out of stock at the manufacturer and dealers. Stock may become available towards the end of June.

2002 June 14 Update
LE version 3.1 is in stock at dealers. According to Peter of Arc Flashlights comments on CPF, this version is the brightest of all versions until now. An improved output capacitor has resulted in better output with little power. However, the small difference in brightness may not be easily noticable.

2002 July 14 Update


Left 3.1  Right 2.5

The inside of the battery
compartment is gold-coloured

Instructions in French

Left 3.1  Right 2.5

Left 2.5  Right 3.1
Beam width of the 3.1 is slightly wider

Minor version changes.
Both the head thread section and battery compartment inside have a gold colour.
Also, package includes instructions in French
There are no big performance changes, but there are some improvements
The improvements in efficiency are obvious in my LE.
Brightness when compared with version 3.0, appears to be better.

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