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SUREFIRE / L4 (KL4) (This page is translated by nekomane)
Type Commercially available light by SUREFIRE
Weight 98g (Actual measurement : including batteries)
Light Source LuxeonV-Portable -Lambertian x 1
Power Source CR123Ax2
(Remove head to replace batteries)
Water Resistance (There seems to be heads missing O rings in some early production lots. Water resistance will decline in this case)
Switch Shines as long as you lightly press. Click for constant light. Loosen tail (approx 180 degrees) for lock out to prevent accidental On.
Other Head is a KL4
Type III Hard Anodized
2 x CR123A included

Beam is focused by stippled reflector

From left head of KL4 , KL1 , E1e

Left E2e , Right L4

Remove head to replace batteries

Tail switch comparison Left:E1e Right:L4

Left Arc LSH-Premium Right L4
Compared to a 1W type Luxeon light, the difference in brightness is obvious

Left MOD light by ArcMania Luxeon-5W with MAG 3cell-D  Right L4
Both use reflector for beam focus, but the L4 has quite a diffused beam. The L4 has an even clean pattern due to the stippled reflector.

Left E2e Right L4
The L4 has a wide beam area at close range and feels brighter than the E2e. The E2e wins over in throw (The hot spot in the photo is blown out and looks similar in brightness. The E2e's hot spot looks brighter to the eye.)

↑ Click to view at actual size in new window

Temperature was measured by clipping a sensor. Becomes hot when continuously run.

July 16 2003

First commercially available LuxeonV-Portable light.
The head is a KL4, compatible with 2 CR123As. The KL4 is due to be released as an option unit.

The LuxeonV-Portable is known to emit quite an amount of heat when run near the rated current so I was anxious to know how the manufacturer was going to deal with this. The L4(KL4) was dealt forthrightly, in a way in a very Surefire like solution. Just like the filament type lights (excluding the E series), for a tradeoff for brightness, it generates an incredible amount of heat when used continuously.

Thus I must warn you in the beginning. There is a lot of heat generated from this light and after running it for only 10 minutes, the head in particular gets quite hot so please be cautious not to get burned. The body part warms rather gradually so as long as you take care how you hold it without touching the head, you can somewhat use it for long periods. It is a fact that heat will not contribute to the longevity of the LED, so you should turn it off when not necessary.

Also, when carrying around, please loosen the tail (it locks out if you twist it about 180 degrees) so you don't turn it on accidentaly.

I've kept writing cautions about this light, but personally I like it. This is because I highly regard the facts that it is so compact despite using a 5W-Luxeon, and it shines a pretty beam pattern in a close range wide area. It could have been better with a slightly tighter spot beam for more throw, but exactly because it isn't, I think that there will be applications for a compact light that differs from filament type lights like the E2.

What is distinctive hardware wise is the switch. It is a Lock-out Tailcap different from the E1 or E2, and is described [click-on/click-off tailcap pushbutton switch] in the instruction manual. Put simply, it is a clickable switch like what you would find on an ARC-LS or Scorpion. Lightly press and it shines, release and it will go out. You must push it in until you hear a clicking sound (a rather large sound), and you need quite an amount of force. Some people may find it too stiff. As far as I have tested, this switch can be used on the E1 and E2. It depends on your preferences, but compared to the conventional Lock-out Tail cap, I found this easier to use for intermittent use and hope to buy one if offered as an option.

The KL4 is the first in the series of LuxeonV-Portable lights. From the aggressive approach [Brightness over heat] SUREFIRE has taken, I am highly anticipating how the series will develop. (On the other hand, those seeking reliability may have become more anxious..)

Note: Luxeons vary in quality. Especially, the beam color showed in the photos above may differ greatly. Please understand this. Also in the early production L4s, many lacked a gasket resulting in a water resistance issue. belyo has a detailed description regarding this in the BBS section so please refer.

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