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SUREFIRE / L2 (This page is translated by nekomane)
Type Commercialy available light from Surefire
Weight 119g (Actual measurment including batteries)
Light source LuxeonV-Portable -Lambertian x 1
Power Source CR123A x 2
(Change batteries by removing tail switch)
1, Tighten the tailcap for Low mode, tighten further for High mode.
2, With the marks on the body and tailcap aligned and the light turned OFF, lightly press for Low, press further for High. Releasing the switch will turn the light OFF.
3, While in Low mode, pressing the switch will put you in High mode. Release switch to return to Low.
Runtime See runtime graph bellow
Other Type III Hard Anodized
2 CR123A batteries included
Digital current regulation circuitry

From left MINI-MAG2AA , L5 , L2 , A2 , L4 , E2e

Left L2 Right L4

From left L2, A2, L4

From left L2, A2, L4

Left A2 ,Right L2

Left L4 Right A2
The flat part is slightly deeper than the L4, making it easy to hold like a syringe
Size comparison with a MAG 2AA

The measuring was done under 3 situations (1)No cooling (2)Cooled by electric fan from a distance (3)Cooled by electric fan placed closely. You will see that there is no fluctuation under low temperatures.

High mode (1)

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High mode (2)

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High mode (3)

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Low mode

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17 June 2004

This is a LED light featuring 2 different brightness levels.
There is another multi level Surefire light among the same Digital LumaMax series, the L1. The L1 is converter-regulated only in High mode, and the Low mode is controlled by a resistor making it 'semi' DIGITAL. With the L2, both modes are regulated by a converter making it a TRUE dual regulated light.

A LuxeonV-Portable is used as the emitter, boasting top class brightness for a LED light. The beam pattern is similar to the L4 with a clean and rather diffused smooth light. This makes it ideal for use in close to mid-range use, and is convenient for walks in the dark or close up work. Though it is very bright and can be used for lighting up farther areas, the light gets diffused. The L5 or L6 with their well focused beams would be better for this kind of use.
Comparing the brightness in High mode to the two L4s I have, the central hot spot seems slightly brighter to the naked eye.
Speculating from the light meter readings and runtime test, the current produced by the L2 may be higher than the L4 (or it could just be the Luxeon lottery...)
You may have noticed from the runtime charts, but there are similarities with the A2. Runtime in High mode is not really good. Using High mode only when necessary, and sticking to Low for basic use seems better. Low mode looks a bit dimmer than the Arc-LSH. But it would be enough for lighting up a walking path and for similar applications, and the 10 hour runtime will be enough for a whole night. Depending on how you use it could be quite useful. Comparing lux meter readings to an Arc4+(Rev1), the hot spot was about the same as the 4+ at level 7. But the diffused light from the L2 illuminates a wider area, making it look closer to level 4 to 5 to the eye.

When I saw the Surefire 2004 catalogue, it looked a bit too long, but in my hands, I was surprised that it felt smaller than expected. This is probably due to the small head, and the square slim grip of the body. Because of the slimness and also somewhat long body, it is easly to hold in big hands and for small female hands too. The clip is the long type, convenient to allow attachment to belts.
The tail switch closely resembles the A2, and the head looks like the KL4. It looks as if parts were kind of just mixed and matched, and lacks a feel of totalness, which is further enhanced by the un-matching HA finish on each part.

It is impossible to push the tailswitch when holding the light in the natural way with your thumb closer to the bezel. I grip the tail firmly with my little finger and twirl the body left and right with my thumb and index finger to change modes, but this is tiresome, and after switching several times, confusing of how much you have twisted. To be able to immediately switch brightenss you must hold the light with your thumb against the switch, but this will naturally bring the light closer to your face. A problem arises here. This is the rather loud, high frequency noise which occurs in Low mode. It is especially noticable in quiet environments or when using the light near your ear. Outdoors, with the light held away from your ears, the sound is reduced to being barely audible, but nonetheless it is definately irritating to most people. Though the sound is said to be a normal feature of the light, a fix is strongly desired.

A close look at this light will reveal some rough spots and it has space for improvements, but I personally think the L2 is heading in the right direction. The head and body are slim and easy to grip, and the wide beam pattern and two brightness levels are useful for many applications. If I may, I wish that it was slightly shorter and lighter. A similar size as a MAG2AA (which is something like the flashlight standard) would be best for me. By the way, the MAG2AA is 105g, and the L2 119g, both with batteries included.

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