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katokichi / Itishiki (ver.1) (This page is translated by nekomane)
Type Self built light by katokichi
(body : original design, manufacturing)
Weight 31g (actual weight : including battery)
21g (actual weight : without battery)
Emitter LuxeonIII [bin TV1L] x 1
power source CR2 x 1
Water resistance
Switch twist tail piece to turn on
Other Other choice of Badboy 300, 400, or 500 (I chose Badboy 500)
Mineral Glass Modified NX-05 electroless nickel+chrome plating finish (half matt)

From left : mini-MAG AA , Arc4+ , Arc-LSH , Arc-LS(Rev1) , 壱式 , Arc-AA , Lenser Moon , Arc-AAA

The Ichishiki was delivered in a box like this

After turning OFF, light storing substance Glow Powder will glow

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Dimage Z1 ISO200 reduced to 640x480 1/6 f2.8 contrast low focus ∞(infinity) white balance AUTO
Comparison with Arc-LSH Premium

January 28 2004

This is the first run model of 'Ichishiki' (type 1) made by Katokichi.
Owing to Katokichi’s comittment to detail and careful craftsmanship, the build, performance, and beauty of this light has achieved a very high level, nothing less than the quality of Surefires.

First of all, most people will be surprised by the light weight of the Ichishiki. It fooled me to think that the battery was missing when I first held it and impulsively shook it in my hand. The electroless nickel+chrome plating finish enhances the feel of lightness compared to a natural HA finish.

The CR2 power source greatly contributes to the light weight and compact packaging. This battery is a 3V rated lithium like the CR123A. Of course, it has the same lithium battery characteristics such as the ability to withstand low temperatures and having a long shelf life. The battery capacity compared to a 1400mA CR123A is only 850mA due to it's smaller size (reference Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. website). And unfortunately the normal price for these batteries are expensive, so if you are going to be using this light a lot, I would recommend stocking up from cheap online stores and the like (lithium batteries have a long shelf life).

The first run models have a combination of a BADBOY converter and a Luxeon III. You were able to choose from 3 types of BADBOYs so I picked the 500mA version for brightness. As might be expected, although it is brighter than an ARC-LSH Premium, after a while it becomes quite hot. This proves that the heat is being conveyed efficiently to the body, but there is a limit to the surface area due to the overall size, and because this BADBOY converter regulates the output until the battery is nearly depleted, it bothers me a bit to wonder how efficiently the heat will dissipate in high temperatures like during summer. Nonetheless, using a Luxeon III proves effective in this case. The datasheet of the Luxeon III shows 70% brightness at 50000 hours running on 700mA, so at 500mA even after taking in consideration of the heat, you probably won't have to worry much about the bulb life (I haven't actually done a duration test and this is an assumption.
People who bought this light were able to choose from 3 different converters at there own risk. There was an option to choose 300mA or 400mA versions for steady operation and/or longer runtimes).

There is another gimmick regarding light. Glow Powder is applied around the Luxeon, and a soft green glow is emitted when the light is turned off. An indescribably cool feature.
The main body is designed originally by Katokichi, filled with commitment to detail and just wonderful. Short small lights are difficult to hold (especially for people with large hands) and makes operation difficult, but this problem has been quite extensively cared for with the Ichishiki, particularly in the shape of the tail piece which catches nicely in the hand resulting in a better grip. Besides that, you can stand it on its tail, and the (simple?) keyring is practical and nice.
One thing I found rather disturbing was the battery rattle when the light was turned off. You can solve this with a corn pad, but wish for refinements in later versions.

This review has ended up full of praise and I'm a little worried how readers will take this, but this is because I felt an indescribable fulfillment and satisfaction when actually holding this light. And another reason for this may be that I personally feel the light is a commemorative piece of workmanship that will definitely leave it's mark in the history of Japanese self built flashlights.
I cannot let my eyes off what Katokichi, one of the most representative people among the Japanese flashlight Modders will be up to, how the series will evolve, or if he may come up with even newer novel ideas.

The lights introduced here are self made lights from individuals. Please be aware that there are basically no guarantees against trouble or malfunction. Also, please understand that sales are not continuous and that they are difficult to obtain. Itishiki is not sold now.

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