Specs(weight, runtime, etc.) are taken from manufactures' website.
They are not my actual measuments. Especially be careful about runtimes.
LED flashlights don't turn off but get dimmer as batteris get weaker.
So runtimes depend on manufactures' standards.
For example, One manufacture claims 150 hours runtime as it is somehow
putting light. Another manufacture claims 8 hour runtime as the time of practical brightness.

As the tendency of beamshots, pics would look dimmer than actual.
Especially non-hotspot area would be displayed dimmer. On the other
hand, hotspot would become white due to the specs of my digital camera even if actually it is not so bright.

I'll keep updating reviews but old informations are left with edited date.
I'm doing my best to provide accurate informations but please also check
news release and specs on manufactures' website by youself.

Beamshots in indivisual reveiews are bacically taken at 30cm above the table and 130cm from the wall.
But most beamshots including more than 2 flashlights are taken at 30-40cm from the wall.

Some flashlight have outdoor beamshots.They have this label in the review page.
Click the Beamshots (Side-by-side, Outdoor, MOVIE) in the left menu.

I have been using a special screen(1m80cm(Height) x 2m50cm(Width))
for beamshots since around 2002 October 20th.

Numbers on it are the distance from the center(cm).

Near the center, these 3 circles are placed horizontally.
The clearances between thin lines are 5cm
Below is the result. Distance is about 2.5m. I think color is easy to check.

>From above to below, ARC-LS(Rev1・Second)、E1e、LambdaEmergenc.

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