BLAST-OFF / FL-CTL1 (This page is translated by souyou)
BLAST-OFF's Dimmer/Flasher for Flashlights
Adaptable devices Adaptable devices 2 to 6 D cells incandecent flashlights
Operataing mode 1. Ordinary lighting (99% of the current rating of the bulb)
2. Dimmer 1 (70% of the current rating of the bulb)
3. Dimmer 2 (40% of the current rating of the bulb)
4. Flasher 1 (flashing with 0.5 seconds interval)
5. Flasher 2 (flashing with 1 second on and 2 sesconds off)

Positive side

The side where the negative contact of a battery touches.

Negative side

The side where the positive contact of a battery touches.

Basically put it between batteries.

Ordinary lighting

Pics were taken after installlation to Mag lite 3cellD.



This is a flashlight controller which controlls current by fast switching using electorical switch.
flickering is not visible for bare eyes) made by Blast off (See below).
I have seen one which takes place of Maglite's tailcap but never seen this kind of integral type one.
As this is an integral type, it fits in many flashlights(Caution: this device adds extra 4-5mm length
so flashlights with weak structure can be damaged).
I tested this with Toshiba 2D, Maxcell 4D(2*2 cells side-by-side) and it worked with no problems.

Operation is easy, turning the flashlight off and then turning it on in 3 seconds. it changes mode.
Using dimmer mode extends battery life as it's current cntrolled.
Choices like Ordinary lighting mode for long throw and Dimmer 2 mode for reading papers keeps running cost low.
Also, some of high power flashlights using halogen or xenon bulbs have high risk to break lens and reflector
by heat generated during long time run but the use of a controller will reduce that risk.

BLAST-OFF (Japanese) (English)

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