Panasonic (National) / BF958  (This page is translated by souyou)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
Battery included
Bi-pin bulb CR123 X 1 water resistance Turn the blue part in the middle of body

8 hours (Stock bulb) Focusable
Key ring included

Stock bulb
(Left pic looks brighter than actual.)

Left:Mini mag AAA bulb Right:BF958 bulb
Replaced the stock bulb with Mini mag AAA bulb

Left:Mini mag AAA bulb Right:BF958 bulb

This is a small and lightweight flashlight using 1 CR123A battery.
It has focus adjustment feature.
It's good that its output is compareble to Mini mag AAA and it has long runtime.
I was tought on an other BBS that it can be brighter with Mini mag bulb so I tried it.
Then it became brighter.
The reflector is not faceted so the beam pattern is uneven.(similar to Mini mag)
The beam is practical enough but the manufacturing of the switch is not so reliable.
To turn it ON or OFF, turn the blue part about 7mm.
Further turns to remove the head for battery replacement.
But the switch turns too easily. So it sometimes turned on accidentally in my bag.
Also it seems to be a little difficult to put the body and the head togeher after battery replacement.
I've never succeeded with just one try.
There are only a few small, lightweight and 1 CR123A flashlights even in foreign companys' products.
But Panasonic is developing them aggressively. (Headlamps, cliplight, etc...)
In addition, they have a product which has regulated upvoltage converter so
they are one of the manufacturers I expect a lot.

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