Arc / Arc-AAA  (This page is translated by Graham)

Power Supply
Switch Mechanism
Useful Battery Life
AAA battery ×1 3m Rotate the head to close it
5 hours in 'Sun' mode followed by
5 hours in 'Moon' mode
Supplied with splitring
Made with aircraft-type aluminium

Right Turquoise-LED
From the place distant about 30cm.

Bottom Turquoise LED
From the place distant about 30cm.
   WHITE LED           Turquoise LED

This light is very convenient. It's carried daily on my keyring(Currently the Arc AAA LE is being carried).
At night, it provides sufficient light for walking around the house.Being a single LED, it has a uniform light pattern. Since it is white light, objects viewed close-up appear similar to being viewed under a fluorescent light, and are easy to see. It is less effective at viewing distant objects.
The manufacturer regularly acts upon user feedback from BBSs, and version upgrades take place relatively frequently.
My white Arc AAA appears to be version 2.5. The turquoise is an 'EV' rank, which is brighter than the regular version.
Compared with white, turquoise is appears almost twice as bright, although preferences may differ to to the light being green. In addition, the light pattern is quite uneven.
The good point with this light is the use of voltage regulation to maintain initial brightness until the battery is almost dead.

2002 April Update 
The manufacturer made available 8 Arc AAAs made of brass. Final selling prices for these units were quite high.

2002 May 30 Update
Version 3.1 to be released to dealers in the second half of June.

2002 June 17 Update
As discussed on CPF, translucent tape as a 'beamshaper' was tried (I used Scotch tape).Putting the tape on the head is a simple procedure、trying it on the turquoise resulted in a much smoother light pattern. However, beam intensity is reduced.

             Left Normal   Right With tape attached
2002 June 18 Update
ARC-AAA version 3.1 WHITE in stock at TTS. Changes include instructions in French, and improved contact points.

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